Frequently asked questions

What Is Mixing?

Mixing is the stage in which the musical elements / stems of a track are carefully summed together, with the sounds shaped and positioned in the stereo field to give maximum impact and clarity. This is done through a series of specialised techniques, and high end audio equipment.

How Long Does Mixing Take?

We aim to return your first mix back to you within 5 working days. Depending on if any edits are required to be made, mixing can take longer. On average mixes are signed off as complete within 5-8 working days. If you require your song back by a certain date, please let us know when sending your files. We will make sure your song is returned to you mixed before your deadline. Mixing is not something that should be rushed. Leave plenty of time for any changes or edits.

How Many Revisions Do I Get?

Included in all mixing package you will receive 3 mix revisions. We will never normally exceed more than 2 revisions which is why we have added an extra revision so that it gives you the peace of mind that the end result is going to be exactly as you want it. We understand mistakes can be made when sending your stems. To limit mistakes we will always ask for a rough mix. This is used to determine that the stems you have sent are correct and used as a guide to hear your intended balance for the song. By supplying this file we can dramatically decrease the amount of revisions required.

When Do I Pay?

50% must be made before work on your song begins. This ensures our engineers, take the necessary time and care required to return you the very best mix. We do not believe in performing a sub par mixing service and this would be exactly what you would get from a service that doesn’t require paying for their services.

Is Mastering Included In The Price

Mastering is included in the mixing and mastering packages only.

How Do I Send My Stems?

Your stems can be uploaded safely and securely via our upload form here. Bypass any compression / limiting you may have on your master bus. We advise leaving all sound design processing active on each stem. Do not normalize stems or change their volume. Playback of your stems should be exactly as your rough mix plays back. File Type : Wav / Flac / Aiff
Bitrate : 16–24–32 bit / 44,100 khz - 96khz
Headroom : -3db / -6db