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Capturing it right at the source is the first and most crucial part to any recording an a major part in creating a great record. Let SRS help you create a masterpiece. 



This is where we bring it all together and help turn your vision and dreams into a reality.  Let us polish your song into a quality finished product. 

We also provide live sound productions. Anything from a simple one speaker setup for music or speech, up to fully fledged music festivals, of 2000+ people. 

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A collection of songs we recorded or mixed with passion



From an early age, Ry was playing in bands and studying the art of music. Over these years Ry has forged a passion for sound that comes deep from his heart.
With his years of knowledge and a warm humble studio that is situated in a beautifully stunning location, SRS can help bring your musical dreams alive. 
Ry puts as much passion into his small projects as he does the big.
So whether it be a few drum edits to help tighten up your tracks or a recording full-length album SRS is here to help. 
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