Your Music Deserves To Sound EXCITING And HARD-HITTING!! 

We Love helping Rock, Punk, and Heavy bands go from voice memos to professional-sounding radio-ready songs.
We will help you Record, Mix, Master, and Release your music the way you want it.


We Can Help You FINALLY Release Your Music 

We Guide You And Your Music Through To The End

You wrote your songs and you have been sitting on them for a while now. You want to record and release them to the world but you are not sure the best way to go about it. The thought of recording is a bit overwhelming and you don't have the technical know-how or equipment.

Let Us Help You Lighten The Load Of Releasing Music 

We will eliminate ALL of the annoying technical elements involved in recording and releasing music. Within a couple of emails or short phone calls, we will have you pumped and ready to record. 

We Handel Every. Single. Element.

We will help you take your music every step of the way, all the way from that first recording session to the final masters and onto releasing your music on all digital platforms. 

4 Stages Of Recording And Releasing Your Music



In this stage, we work with you to plan out what lies ahead and also talk about what musical goals you have for your project.  

Your responsibilities

  • Complete the contact form below.

  • Attend a one-to-one phone call with me to discuss your needs.

Our responsibilities

  • Literally everything else.

What you get

  • A step-by-step plan on what to do before you come to lay tracks in the studio.

Want to book a session?



This is where the fun begins! We set up all the microphones and instruments to begin recording. This stage is always fun, exploring sounds and making noise!

Your responsibilities

  • Rock up with your instruments and dial in your tone.

  • Have fun relax and enjoy.

Our responsibilities

  • Literally everything else.

What you get

  • Full use of the studio with microphones and instruments to use.

  • Myself guiding you along to create epic sounds at the source.  



Your responsibilities


  • Make sure you are honest about how it sounds. 

  • The more information you give me the better I can understand what you want.

Our responsibilities

  • Literally everything!

This is the stage where the magic begins, where the elements start coming together and the song takes its formation. 

What you get

  • We send you the mixes and you decide when you are happy.


Your responsibilities

  • Decide how you want to distribute your music. Digital, Vinal, CD....


Our responsibilities

  • We will help guide you in the right direction for release. 

Want to book a session?

Here we are, at the final stage! The time has come to get your music out to the world!

What you get

  • We can give you a step by step guide to releasing and promoting your music. 


"You'll be in very safe hands with Ry - he's an absolutely top bloke who is driven and dedicated and will ensure you get the best results! If you're on or near the Eyre Peninsula, he's your man!"

—  Joseph Cheek, Island Studios

Sound Equipment


From an early age, Ry was playing in bands and studying the art of music. Over these years Ry has forged a passion for sound that comes deep from his heart.
Situated on the beautiful location of Winter Hill, Overlooking Port Lincoln. Ry's warm humble studio will be sure to bring out the creativity in you.
Along with his years of knowledge SRS can help bring your musical dreams alive. 
Ry puts as much passion into his small projects as he does the big ones.
So whether it be a few drum edits to help tighten up your tracks or a recording full-length album SRS is here to help. 


Here you can find some of our work. Not all were recorded at Sound Ryte Studios but they were all mixed here at Sound Ryte Studios. Some were also Mastered at SRS.

Marble Surface